To Anniston Superintendent Darren Douthitt, the Board of Education, city councilmen, the folks accountable for schools, the city and the issues within, there is this old saying that a hit dog will holler. Now that the community has expressed some of the issues it sees within the city and the school system, we need to work collectively on the solutions.

Our letter grades are out from the state Department of Education. Anniston City School System overall received a D. All of the schools within the district got D’s except Tenth Street Elementary, which received an F.

If the administration and 67 percent of our teachers are great educators, where are the outcomes? Our children are rated the lowest in proficiency of any of the surrounding school systems around us. We have a problem.

Superintendent and school board, this is your responsibility to ensure that our children are getting a proper education. As has been suggested, I guess the responsibility could lie on the community, pastors and parents. Perhaps we could come into the schools and teach the children reading, math, science and English. You think? Can I get a copy of the improvement plan?

Shirley Carter