When Fort McClellan, “The Showplace of the South,” was an Army installation, I had the privilege of competing with and getting to know some of the best runners and ball players from all over the world. One thing all would agree on was that Fort McClellan was the most beautiful fort they were ever stationed in. I think a revisit to “the fort” now would change their minds.

The “Showplace of the South” is no more. Destruction of the former fort can be seen from Bains Gap Road to Reilly Lake. Acres and acres of trees everyday are being taken away from us. Cut down for what? Who knows? Is further development expected soon? Who is getting the money for the sales? And who can predict the long-term environmental impact of this destruction?

We may never know the true answers, but I urge the McClellan Development Authority and the city of Anniston to be transparent about the purpose of the continued logging and how, specifically, it is benefiting the community. Please let us know. We are all waiting to hear.

Ralph Usrey