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Letter to the Editor: Mayor Jack Draper has made wise decisions for Anniston

As an Anniston resident, I appreciate the many developments witnessed over the past four years under Mayor Jack Draper’s tenure. He has worked to expand recreational attractions and grow events that bring people from near and far to spend their dollars here while enjoying opportunities not found nearby. 

In addition to growing Anniston’s appeal to natives and outsiders, Jack has consistently shown wise decision-making. Despite two nay votes, Jack voted in favor of lowering Anniston’s bond rates to save our city $1.3 million. He supported the General Services Administration contract for the federal courthouse. And he was key in the partnership with Oxford, which was essential for obtaining a federal grant to reduce violent crime. It worked.

Please join me on Oct. 6 by voting to re-elect Jack Draper so we can continue to see Anniston grow and prosper.

Randy Laney