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The Anniston Star's name is seen on the outside of Consolidated Publishing Co.'s Anniston headquarters.

By Star staff

Re “The Star’s Tuesday paper” (Speak Out, Feb. 5):

I agree 100 percent with Speak Out writer Charles Reese about cutting out the Tuesday print edition of The Anniston Star, starting in March.

I am a senior citizen, living in a rural area where the internet is iffy, not to mention expensive. I have been a faithful subscriber to The Star, except for one brief period, since the late 1970s. I have enjoyed The Star’s sports section, George Smith’s columns (always) and the rest of the paper for many years.

I guess that just being a faithful subscriber and customer doesn’t matter anymore in today’s modern, technologically oriented newspaper world.

Thank you for your time. And thank you, Mr. Reese, for your letter.

Bennie Lee Yates