The run-off election is almost here, and I know several of the candidates personally. My vote will be based on what I know about them.

I know J.D. Hess has served Calhoun County in many ways that you may not know. In my time as band booster president at Weaver High School, J.D. was unfailing in his offer to help in any way he could. I see his name on the girls’ softball field at Weaver from his support of that program. I know of his support for the Senior Citizens Center in our community. I know he has been instrumental in numerous improvements to school, athletic and community facilities throughout the county. His vision for the County Agricultural Center has created opportunities for our residents in addition to drawing people from outside the area to spend money and support commerce.

I know J.D. has worked faithfully to serve our community and make this area a better place to live. I will vote for J.D. Hess for Calhoun County Commission.

James Markham