When are the liberals at The Anniston Star ever going to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child? You liberals are the very reason our country is in the mess it is in. All of you are sore losers. Grow up, get over it. The American people have spoken.

A couple of weeks ago, you commented on first lady Melania Trump about her clothing she wore the night of President Trump’s speech to the nation. The jacket she wore cost $4,995, the skirt $4,595. At least she didn’t take the taxpayers’ money. She paid out of her own pocket.

You never reported how former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have taken the taxpayers for millions of dollars for eight years of vacationing. You never reported about Hillary and Bill Clinton taking millions of dollars from our worst enemies. The Trumps and family are saints compared to some.

Your reporting is a left-wing approach that is disgusting to the people of Alabama and America.

Dean Taylor