J.D. Hess is by far the most qualified candidate for District 4 Calhoun County commissioner. He is a proven leader with 24 years experience as our commissioner.

I have known J.D. since we were children, and he is still the same, generous person. He gives back to our communities in a number of ways. The new turn-lane project at Saks Road and Lenlock Lane is a positive addition. We have enjoyed the use of the Saks Community Center, and he was such an instrumental part of its construction.

J.D. listens every time there is a need, no matter if it is large or small. He not only works in District 4, but Calhoun County as a whole. He has helped with projects throughout other districts in addition to projects in our own district. He knows the people of his district, and he cares about his district.

His experience and knowledge of resources are invaluable, and we need to keep J.D. Hess as our District 4 Calhoun County commissioner.

Kenneth McNeal