Re “Anniston Star to cease print edition on Tuesdays” (News article, Feb. 1):

Anniston is trying so hard to promote new business, strut forward and be progressive, and The Star just throws cold water on the city, your subscribers and any newcomers that might be considering moving here.

By again cutting the newspaper’s printed editions yet another day, you have slid backward. Not having a printed newspaper on Monday is bad enough, but Tuesday also is just not digestable.

I know your goal is to have more subscribers, but this move may cost you some of the ones you have. We start to look around to see what alternatives we have, and we may find some.

I feel you need to go back to the drawing board and evaluate this decision more closely and figure out the repercussions that may occur by this move.

You have many good carriers and people employed by The Star. If the cost for ink and paper has escalated, find new providers but don’t penalize your subscribers by dropping yet another day of the newspaper.

Evelyn Palomba