Re “Letter to the editor: A crying shame about a cemetery” (Speak Out, July 4):

I couldn’t agree more with Patricia Wyvelle’s comments about Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston.

I, too, have complained (without getting any results) about how disgraceful the grounds look. As I’ve said before, I’m ashamed that my parents and grandparents are buried out there. It was heartbreaking for me to see how high the grass and weeds were on Father’s Day weekend. Our loved ones deserve so much better than this.

Anyone who knew my daddy would tell you how neat he always kept his yard. Remembering that makes it even harder for me to see his gravesite covered in knee-high grass. It’s funny to me that all of the other cemeteries around Anniston always look well groomed. Although it doesn’t do any good to complain, I will continue to do so. It’s the very least that I can do for my loved ones.

Judy Hayden