Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail.

Re “Bring the AT to Alabama” (Editorial, Feb. 11):

I must respectfully disagree with the suggestion that the Appalachian Trail be extended to Alabama. While your state is a beautiful place to hike, it should not be part of the AT.

The original terminus of the AT was Mount Ogelthrope, in Pickens County, Ga., mostly because at 3,200 feet, it’s considered, by the United States Geological Survey, the end of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Benton MacKaye himself wanted the terminus of the AT to be Mount Mitchell, N.C. Would you propose renaming the connecting sections of the Benton MacKaye and Pinhoti Trails? Those trails are iconic themselves and should not be diminished.

Alabama is an outdoor paradise. Continue to develop your trails and brand them with a moniker that celebrates your state, but the AT belongs in Georgia.

Frances Chambers

Ellijay, Ga.