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Letter to the Editor: Bob Folsom has qualities needed to lead Anniston

Bob Folsom gets my vote for mayor of Anniston.

Bob is dedicated to our city. Bob shows this by supporting, participating and leading a variety of civic, business and charitable organizations. Bob is a supporter of the arts in our community.

Bob is active in church. Bob is a dedicated family man and knows the reality of supporting and raising a family in Anniston.

Bob knows the law. He has respect for it and understands its application because he is an attorney.

Bob is a patriot and has proved it by serving in the military. He supports the retired military in our community.

As treasurer of various organizations over the years, Bob has shown he can be trusted to handle money. Bob is honest and accountable.

Bob is proud of Anniston and proud of America. He wants to be part of bringing a brighter future to both. Bob hears the diverse voices of our city. He is listening. Bob is fair and open minded. He knows how to take action and knows teamwork is important.

Join me in voting for Bob Folsom for mayor of Anniston.

Vivian T. Soyster