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Letter to the editor: Ben Little deserves better treatment from Tutor and The Star

Anniston City Council Swearing-In Ceremony

Councilman Ben Little at the swearing-in ceremony for the Anniston City Council at Zinn Park. Photo by Bill Wilson / The Anniston Star

Re “Let’s read Ben Little’s emails” (Phillip Tutor column, Feb. 3):

It is amazing that an educated and journeyman journalist as you would stoop so low to denigrate a City Council member due to your dislike for him. It appears that if you represent The Anniston Star, you would be more level in the way you make comments about a member of the ruling body of this city.

Mr. Tutor, why don’t just say you don’t like Councilman Little? But right now, you are on the verge of slander. It appears you are questioning the will of the people of Ward 3 for voting for Councilman Little. We feel as many people feel about the elections. After a person wins, they should have their chance to make things better or worse, hopefully better.

Whether you are a fan or not, you are in a position where you should not be intentionally putting out fake news. If The Anniston Star pays you to do this, I can see why its subscriptions are not increasing. Is there so little news or political hay that you have to manufacture something about Councilman Little?

Today should be a day that you start analyzing the words that you use. A sharp tongue is like a sword, it can either cut a person down or be a civil standard for right.

Let’s stop the character assassination and be more civil in the dispensing of undo chatter about unknown facts. Let’s remember all of America is leery of fake news.

Eddyer Brown