I happened upon a guy from Britain the other day. His accent was unforgettable and he called me “mate!” How does a perfect stranger become a mate in five minutes?

His real name was James and he had been exiled from the country of his parents and their parents. Why, I asked? He said illegal immigrants had overrun his country and the open borders had become just that. He said he fought for his homeland with all he could muster to no avail. The day came when there were more of “them” than “his.”

The straw that broke was when it became illegal to fly the Union Jack at his house and all the illegals immigrants could fly their flag at their government house. He said with misty eyes that Britain had lost its national-ness.

Like America, I guess there are liberals in the United Kingdom who would sell their souls to pacify the shouters. God save America and the flag that has held it together for 252 years. I will not be watching any NFL games this year. One player sitting on his butt or knee dishonoring it is too many for me. Got to be careful who you “mate” with.

Phil Murphy