Isn’t it a shame that we have elected some senators, representatives and a president so tarnished with capitalism that they argue and make proposals that are totally insane?

I think teachers with a weapon would be something other than a teacher. Teachers are there to mold minds to survive in a society that requires sane action from citizens as a whole. Can any logical mind conceive of a teacher in a classroom with a gun in the teacher’s desk, closet or strapped to their side as seen in a cowboy movie?

There needs to be congressmen who will tell the president that it is a dumb idea to ask a teacher to strap on a gun and stand among students whose minds should be on learning instead of staring at a gun in a holster swinging from the teacher’s side. Have we lost all our common sense in these United States?

We are living in an age where we, as civilized people in a supposedly civilized country, the greatest country in the world, are not advanced enough to realize that our children are victims of the senseless, greedy, monetary sick minds that are allowed to sell military-type weapons to those who may be irrational or insane. Game hunters can use conventional weapons to get game (wild boars, deer, rabbits, doves, quails, ducks, wild turkeys, hogs, bears, etc.). These games have been taken regularly in past years.

Is it possible to corral these political, inept, money-thirsty drunks before we lose many more of our children because of greed?

Lindsey Ray