I take pride in sharing that the Calhoun County School System has two employees who have been awarded the highest achievement in their field.

Courtney Wilburn is the White Plains Middle School and Alabama State Principal of the Year and Mindi Amberson is the Alabama State Counselor of the Year and works at Walter Wellborn Elementary.

This is impressive because school systems rarely have one distinguished employee recognized over periods of time, either state and nationally. However, in the last decade, Calhoun County Schools have regularly had employees receiving “the best of the best” achievements, including state Teacher of the Year honors. Never is it surprising to learn that there are at times finalists in several categories from Calhoun County Schools.

Of course, this is directly due to not only the “level-five leaders” like these two career educators, but also the partners in education that reside on staff with both Courtney and Mindi.

I can assure you as well that both of these future Hall of Fame educators would agree wholeheartedly with this statement.

As these ladies embark on their trips to Washington to represent Alabama and Calhoun County, let’s continue to be proud as families, professionals and community stakeholders while Courtney and Mindi model the greatness exhibited in our state and our very own successful Calhoun County School System.

Joe Dyar


Calhoun County Schools