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Letter to the Editor: As mayor, Reddick would move Anniston forward

David Reddick will make an extraordinary mayor for the city of Anniston. He is reliable and always available to serve the people.

As mayor, he will be the perfect candidate to extend his services to the entire city. Reddick has been a faithful friend to my family throughout the years. Knowing him on a personal level gives me greater understanding of his sincerity. 

Voting for Reddick gives him the opportunity to expand this sincerity to a city that is deserving and leadership that is overdue. There are not many individuals in this community who can provide the honesty, authenticity and dedication.

David Reddick is the perfect candidate to provide Anniston with the opportunity to move the city forward. Vote Reddick on Tuesday.

Pamela Goodman

Kirsten Goodman