Blessed are the youth, for they shall lead us along the path of righteousness against the evil the National Rifle Association leaders and its political lackeys hath wrought.

Blessed are the teachers, for in loving your children as their own, they leave their own motherless and fatherless.

Blessed are the principals and superintendents, for they make miracles and pull forth glory in a land that is too often barren.

Blessed are the nurses and doctors, who fight to heal the wounds caused by the wickedness of indifference.

Blessed are the families who wander and lament in the wilderness, bereft of hope.

Blessed are the activists, who light the flame of justice amid the tempest of hate.

And, yes, blessed are the legislators, for in their selfishness, they know not what harm they do.

Jennifer E. Brooks

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense