On Nov. 25, The Anniston Star gave me an opportunity to renew my annual subscription at a discount, but I will not take it up on the offer when my current 25th-

annual subscription ends. It is my goodbye to the comrades at The Star.

For years, I, and many others, have suggested to The Star commissars that a little more evenhandedness would be in order, but to no avail. You might as well beat your head against an iron curtain. I do not intend to pay for an unrelenting barrage of negativism against anything Republican and everything Donald Trump.

I stated earlier this year, on this page, that I was not happy with my party’s presidential nominee. I do, however, believe in fair play, and there will be nothing approaching fair in the coverage by The Star, its favorite liberal bylines and columns by rabid, leftist political commentators.

If it were not for subscriptions by the “deplorable, irredeemable, uninformed, Bible- and gun-clinging bumpkins,” as so described by Democrats, the fading Anniston Star would already be on the dust heap of history. The Star will be the Red Star to the day it closes its doors.

Gus Velliadis