So the state of Alabama got caught writing off murders as suicides and rapes as consensual sex and what do they plan on doing? Raising guards pay, hire more guards and bring better healthcare and a better mental health system.

Sounds good but did they not break any laws covering up sex offences, treating victims of sex offences like they don't matter? No, the state will not seek justice for those who were done wrong by their negligence and their tough-on-crime laws; they will patch a problem and keep their victims under the rug and never take accountability.

It is their responsibility to the state to address their victims and make recompense for the wrong that happened on their watch or say that they condone the state covering of murder and the state covering up rape. Alabama does have a problem and a near unconstitutional problem — a “crimes against the state and humanity” problem, and they will do what Alabama politicians do, sweep it under a rug, we’ve done nothing wrong, vote for me, I am tough on crime, except my own and the state’s.

Kay Ivey, don’t ignore this one thing, please.

Donald Haywood