The Distant Leftist Inquisition scrapes all of the guilt from human nature as a whole and loads it on the backs of the pale male Anglo race leaving no escape route to unload (Kathleen Parker, 1 March), faith over facts soothed by the lullaby of “progress.” No single race or culture has a patent on human oppression and males are not the only sexual predators.

Belligerent competition for victimhood status has corrupted fragile human relationships beyond the breaking point of redemption by imposing impossible standards. Enamorated with self-virtue, the Diversity Industry is a scam absent any limiting principles. Leftist cheerleaders embarrass and lethargize the reasoning faculties.

The Far Left’s relentless assault on manliness and patriarchy treats accusations as forensic facts. Grief for Profit, like a cosmic black hole, devours everything in its path.

Jesse L. Warmack