The Friday (March 1) edition of the Anniston Star op-ed page had a Gallup poll in the upper right corner which stated that the “majority” of Americans desire more equal distribution of wealth in the United States.

How exactly is that supposed to come about?

Then below on said page were two excellent letters by Karyn Green and James Kirk.

American pride still exists. Our forebears not only fought and died for this nation, but worked hard in the civilian world for our collective success.

I dare not say that every time we have taken up arms that it has been for the good of the country because politicians start wars and do not necessarily fight them, but We the People are definitely involved, whether we physically fight or simply support, or do not support, our military.

The decision-making processes in D.C. leave one to wonder, despite the fact that people vote for their representation, just what in the hell is going on. Party above all is not the way to glory but a sidetrack to a dead end.

Rome fell and we are the greatest conglomeration since then, unless one wants to call the German, Soviet or Chinese attempts at empire great.

The Socialist menu for accomplishment may appear “fair” on paper, but the actuality provides no dessert.

Otis Hunter