I saw a post over a court ruling in the 10th appeals court. At issue was how an elector refused to vote for the nominee of his party — in this case, (Hillary) Clinton. He wrote in John Kasich of Ohio. The hilarious thing of this was we all were taught (if history was on the course study) that the electors, while ethically were to vote the way their state said, it was not — not! — mandatory to do so. The hilarity of this was as the Dems were calling for Trump’s electors to abandon ship — after the election, they tried to make it wrong — one of theirs did exactly what they called for. How is this not the height of hypocrisy? 

The 10th circuit ruled correctly that trying to make one cast a vote other than what they wanted to do was unconstitutional — again just as any that had history/civics in high school learned. Why is it that the Dems constantly try to make criminal what the Constitution clearly says is right to do — as the Dems have done many times over Trump’s actions. It seems as if many elected Dems never read the Constitution, otherwise, why so much wasting of time and money?

David Duncan