Before you get your drawers in a bunch, it’s not Donald Trump, it’s Bernie Sanders. I know what y’all will say, I ain’t ever voting for a Socialist, like it’s a new four-letter word. But if you enjoy Social Security, that’s Socialism; if you enjoy food stamps and WIC, those are Socialist programs; if you are going to be on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, guess what, those are Socialist programs. So my point is America is basically a Socialist country already. So all you folks that just couldn’t pull the lever for Hillary, well, Bernie has none of her baggage, and has believed what he says for decades (just look on You Tube and you’ll see). Sen. Bernie Sanders is the man who can and should beat Trump in Alabama, but I’m afraid his cult and mob will rule the day and we will be right in front of Mississippi as the most Trump state in our union. Sad!

But if you don’t want a cheater, con man, crook and all-around bad guy as president, then vote BERNIE 2020! Please, Alabama!

Brian Harrison