George Smith

George Smith

Life to death. These three words have new meaning for our family since the recent passing of George Smith. No longer is it the time that begins at birth, but rather the last day or moment you spend with a love one who dies. The last “I love you” before sleep or the brief hug walking out the door with a “see you tonight, Pop” are brought strangely into focus and embeds a forever snapshot of the moment.

It is a time dreaded and inevitable, sometimes horrible, always saddening, and for us, not endured alone.

This is a “thank you” to all those who see and experience the life to death scenario on an all too

frequent schedule. The ones who try to prevent, save, ease, and/or soothe the end of days.

First to the Anniston Fire Department that responded and revived, giving us hope that this was not the end, and at least a chance to say goodbye. Their work is both horrible to watch and amazing to witness.

To RMC emergency room. You received and stabilized, informed and comforted, not only Dad, but us as well, helping to get us all through the night and to the next step. George would have loved this story … Angel a nurse, named by her mother, Glory, then handing us off to ICU and a nurse named Joy.

Thank you, Lord, for this little glimpse of your presence with us.

ICU, we’ll never forget your kindness. I think you knew early what we didn’t want to find out later. Thank you for allowing us to hold Dad’s hand, remind him what a great husband, father, and grandfather he is, wipe his tears, and make sure his last breath was not alone.

To Dr. Vinson, thank you for pulling us outside the curtain that was about to close forever. You softly and lovingly told our close-knit group of eight, connected by tightly gripped hands in hope of good news, that the news was not good and not going to get better.

Dr. Grana, your words are true. You told us what could be done, what to expect, and it was exactly as you said.

Close to two dozen professionals walked with us through this 24 hours, a night and day of pain, fear, anxiety, grief, and now longing. George Smith passed quietly, softly, lovingly into eternity. Thank you all for your talents and the giving of them.

And thank you, Lord, for allowing us to have this man in our lives. He’s yours now. Enjoy his stories!

Barry Smith