Has there been an earthquake in Alabama that the news didn’t cover? Or, a terrorist bombing of bridges and overpasses on our highways? Or, a mega tornado that ripped up roadways?

I haven’t heard about anything like that. We have some roads and bridges that need work, but the way this has been called a “dire emergency” and in need of a special session smacks of backroom politics.

Do you know where any of your tax dollars actually go? Where is the accounting for the millions that we already pay in gas taxes?

The simple fact is, I have never seen a tax go away once it was implemented.

The simple fact #2 is they don’t care what we think. They are elected to “represent” us, and yet, they are telling us, with no past accountability, “We know what’s best.”

The simple fact #3 is that when the next election comes around, and we are paying $.28 of state tax on our gas and increased vehicle registration fees, and our roads still need to be repaired … many of you will vote to send these same people back to Montgomery to “represent” you.

Politics in Alabama. Our Statehouse needs a good flushing.

Warren Clay