The Calhoun County Commission did not require Cheaha Regional Humane Society to pick up strays in the contract they signed. Why not revise that contract to include that? Why go back to the horrors that existed before Cheaha?

What happens if the owner does not find their dog during the seven-day stray hold that exists before execution? What happens to the animal that is surrendered when all cages are full? Do they get a chance to live a day for a rescue or adopter to save them? What plan exists for owners to know their animals are picked up?

The last time the county had control, no plan existed. What vetting will occur? How many cages does the county have? What are the requirements for adoption and rescue? How many employees?

The commission has terminated the contract and not even addressed how they will hold the animals without the cages Cheaha owns. Has this been thought through at all? If this shelter goes back to pre-Cheaha days, it will be a sad ending for these innocent animals. These three commissioners are heartless if they let this tragedy happen again.

Lindsey Bragg