America's heated debate about Second Amendment rights and gun-ownership laws hasn't slowed, and probably never will. But these are bleak times for some of America's gun manufacturers.

Case in point: Remington. The North Carolina-based company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because its sales have declined and its debt has risen to catastrophic proportions. Why, you ask:

Here's part of a report from ABC News:

"Experts say the changing winds in Washington, specifically the election of President Donald Trump, has dramatically reduced the demand of guns and have hurt the bottom line of manufacturers like the Remington Outdoor Company.

"Robert Spitzer, chairman of the political science department at the State University of New York at Cortland, said gun sales spiked during the 2016 presidential campaign because buyers feared Hillary Clinton would win and continue to strengthen gun regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

"'We have seen the rise of 'political sales,' that is when people go out and purchase guns to make a political statement,' Spitzer said. 'Donald Trump was the 'great friend' of the National Rifle Association. They endorsed him early, then he wins and so the political incentive is gone. There's no looming threat of the national government imposing restrictions or taking guns away.'"

Remington's woes are part of modern America's gun discussions that are more political than anything else. Gunmakers recorded wild profits during the presidency of Barack Obama, a Democrat. A Republican takeover of Washington was championed by the NRA and large numbers of dedicated gun owners who wanted no continuation of gun-restrictive federal politics. On that, gun owners and the NRA won because Trump entered the Oval Office.

But this byproduct of Trump's victory -- a vast reduction in gun sales -- was oh, so, inevitable. Makes you wonder what the NRA and its millions of followers will campaign for in 2020.

-- Phillip Tutor