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The presidents who have visited Calhoun County

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It's Presidents Day, so, a question: Name the presidents who have visited Calhoun County?

It's a short list.

Grover Cleveland was the first, stopping in Jacksonville in 1887. (Remember, Jacksonville was the county seat back then.)

Benjamin Harrison gave a speech in Anniston in 1891. You can read his speech here.

The most notable presidential visit came from Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose train stopped in Anniston in 1934.

Ike -- Dwight D. Eisenhower -- came to Anniston in 1947, but he wasn't yet president. He came here to tour Fort McClellan.

Jimmy Carter came to Anniston in 2003 for the Jimmy Carter Work Project, but he'd been out of office since 1980.

Presidential candidates? William Jennings Bryan gave a Noble Street speech in 1895. Jesse Jackson appeared at Jacksonville State University in 1984. And Herman Cain spoke at McClellan in 2011.

-- Phillip Tutor