Harvey response

Red Cross worker Katrina Dirscherl talks with Oralia Guerra and Diamond Robinson as they huddle together to stay warm underneath Red Cross blankets at the George Brown Convention Center on Monday in Houston, Texas. 

It's common at the end of the year to read essays about how the previous 12 months were rotten -- lists of the people who died, lists of calamities and scandals, lists of politicians gone mad.

But the flip side is much more enjoyable.

That's why this essay -- "9 ways the world got a lot better in 2017" -- is a wonderful reminder that despite President Trump's tweets, the Russian-election investigation, the North Korean threat, the hurricanes and wildfires and everything else, there was good in the world.

I'm not gonna spoil the Vox.com author's thunder by telling you what made his list, so click on the above link and enjoy. And remember, if only for a minute, the good around us.

-- Phillip Tutor