Trump signs executive orders

President Donald Trump signs an executive order in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington.

Of all the odd stories recently concerning President Donald Trump, here's a doozy: an Israeli organization has minted a commemorative “Temple Coin” in honor of Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Trump's picture is on the coin. So, too, is that of Cyrus, "a historical Persian king who, in the sixth century BCE, conquered Babylon and ended the Babylonian captivity, a period during which Israelites had been forcibly resettled in exile. This allowed Jews to return to the area now known as Israel and build a temple in Jerusalem. Cyrus is referenced most prominently in the Old Testament book of Isaiah, in which he appears as a figure of deliverance," according to

Got that? Trump and Cyrus, side by side. There's more from

"During his visit to Washington, DC, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu heavily implied Trump was Cyrus’s spiritual heir ... While Cyrus is not Jewish and does not worship the God of Israel, he is nevertheless portrayed in Isaiah as an instrument of God — an unwitting conduit through which God effects his divine plan for history. Cyrus is, therefore, the archetype of the unlikely 'vessel:' someone God has chosen for an important historical purpose, despite not looking like — or having the religious character of — an obvious man of God."

So, to recap, there are people who compare Trump and his rise to the American presidency to a biblical figure who holds an important place in the Old Testament story.

Just another day in the era of Trump.

-- Phillip Tutor