The Pew Research Center has updated its survey results about President Trump's support from the various religious groups and denominations in the United States. The results are interesting, to say the least.

On white Evangelical Christians, Pew writes:

"White evangelical Protestants who regularly attend church (that is, once a week or more) approve of Trump at rates matching or exceeding those of white evangelicals who attend church less often. Indeed, in the first few months of Trump’s presidency, white evangelicals who attended church at least weekly were significantly more likely than less-frequent churchgoers to approve of Trump’s performance (79% vs. 71%)."

On white mainline Christians and white Catholics, Pew writes:

"In most of the 11 surveys conducted by the Center since Trump’s inauguration, between 46% and 55% of white mainline Protestants have approved of the president, including 48% in the January 2019 survey. Around half of white Catholics have approved of Trump in these surveys, including 44% in January."

On the religiously unaffiliated, Pew writes:

"Religiously unaffiliated Americans consistently express among the lowest levels of approval of Trump’s performance, ranging from 17% to 27% across the polls the Center has conducted since the president assumed office. Most black protestants and nonwhite Catholics also have disapproved of the way the president handles his job."

-- Phillip Tutor