'In God We Trust'

The slogan "In God We Trust" was added to several Sylacauga Police Department vehicles earlier this year and will soon be added to Childersburg Police Department vehicles. 

Now that school is back in session, take a moment to look around your child's campus and see if you can find a "In God We Trust" sign prominently displayed.

If so, you can thank the Alabama Legislature. (Or criticize it, if that's your preference.)

Remember that state lawmakers this spring OK'ed legislation that allows "In God We Trust" signs on public property, which marked a huge change from the nation's separation of church and state guidelines that have long been in place. (Cue any number of Roy Moore comments if you like.)

The Associated Press has reported that Blount County is ground zero for this new Alabama law that took effect July 1:

The AP wrote:

"Blount County's school board is set to become one of the first systems to take action. A policy on the issue could be drafted within the next month, Blount County Superintendent Rodney Green said.

"Observers view Blount County as a testing ground for the upcoming legal battles with organizations that advocate for the separation of church and state. 'You would think that something that passes the Legislature won't be challenged in the courtroom but we all know that it can and probably will,' said Green, who oversees a school system with more than 7,800 students over 17 schools north of Jefferson County."

-- Phillip Tutor