Jordan McNair

Jordan McNair Maryland football player

If you are a fan of college football, and if you care about the players who thrill us on fall Saturdays, you need to read this column written by Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post.

It's about Jordan McNair, a University of Maryland football player who died of heatstroke after a workout this summer.

Jenkins writes:

"An NFL player hasn’t died from heat exertion in 17 years. That’s the full measure of the crude, knuckle-dragging stupidity at work here. You know how many kids NCAA football coaches have killed with conditioning drills in that same period? Twenty-seven. I say 'kill,' because that’s what it is, when tyrants force captive young men to run themselves to death, out of their own outdated fears of weakness. Why is the NCAA tolerating this kill rate, which is unmatched at any other level of football?"

-- Phillip Tutor