Sen. Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill, in Washington, on Tuesday, Jan. 10. 

The connections between Alabama politics and the turbulent administration of President Trump are real, and they are deep. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the former U.S. senator from Alabama, was one of Trump's first congressional supporters. Trump dominated Alabama election results. And he remains hugely popular in this state.

Yet, based on this Politico report from earlier this week -- "Once-loyal Alabama delegation gives Sessions the cold shoulder" -- Alabama's congressmen and women have largely turned against their former colleague and gone all-in on Trump.

It's about winning elections, you know.

Politico writes:

"The change in tone stems, some Alabama GOP insiders say, from Trump’s increasing stranglehold on Republican voters. Trump has emerged as the undisputed compass of the Republican Party base, single-handedly deciding fortunes in many Southern primaries. Whereas Sessions was once a fixture in Alabama GOP candidates’ ads — his endorsement a coveted sign that the conservative base could get on board — a Trump endorsement is now the ultimate boost ...

"Trump most recently demonstrated his singular hold on GOP voters when he helped Roby survive a June primary challenge with a late endorsement. Roby was seen as vulnerable, in part because she had abandoned Trump during the 2016 election following the public release of his “Access Hollywood” comments about groping women. 'Martha Roby basically won her primary because Trump tweeted out that he forgave her,' David Mowery, a veteran Alabama political consultant, added."

-- Phillip Tutor