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HOT BLAST: President Obama's endorsements for the midterms -- and what about Mallory Hagan?

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President Barack Obama holds news conference

U.S. President Barack Obama waves at his final press conference of the year on Friday, Dec. 16, 2016 in the press briefing room of the White House in Washington, D.C.

President Obama -- remember him? -- has released what he calls his "first wave" of endorsements for the 2018 midterm elections, and there's a notable absence.

Mallory Hagan, the 29-year-old Democratic opponent for U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Saks, who, as you know, represents Alabama's 3rd congressional district.

Hagan, from Opelika, faces a steep challenge to unseat the veteran Rogers, who has been in Congress since 2003 and holds seats on several important congressional committees. He's also one of the leading D.C. voices for the creation of a "Space Corps" within America's military branches.

Obama released the list of endorsements on Twitter, and wrote, "Today I’m proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates – leaders as diverse, patriotic, and big-hearted as the America they’re running to represent.

"I’m confident that, together, they’ll strengthen this country we love by restoring opportunity, repairing our alliances and standing in the world, and upholding our fundamental commitment to justice, fairness, responsibility, and the rule of law. But first, they need our votes."

It will be interesting to see if Obama adds Hagan's name to a "second wave" of endorsements between now and the November election. Considering the Republican leanings of Alabama's 3rd, you can make the argument that an endorsement from the most recent Democratic president isn't an automatic boost for Rogers' opponent. We can have that debate if Obama adds, or doesn't add, Hagan's name.

-- Phillip Tutor