HOT BLAST: It's a good time to hear Nancy Worley's explanation for Democrats' midterm results

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Nancy Worley

Nancy Worley, chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Followers of Alabama politics know Nancy Worley as a longtime political operative in our state -- as secretary of state, for example, and now as chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Those followers also likely know Worley is among the most heavily criticized political officials in Alabama. As chair of the minority party, she takes an oversized amount of heat for Democrats' inability to break through in state-level races. Fair? That's up for interpretation.

That said, Worley appeared on Alabama Public Television's Capitol Journal after the Nov. 6 midterms and said, well, a lot.

-She defended her leadership. "I say the state (Democratic) party is alive and well, but we have a lot of work to do," she said.

-She said critics such as Mallory Hagan and Tabitha Isner, Democrats who lost their bids to unseat congressional Republicans, were first-time candidates who didn't understand the process and need to learn how to lose with humility. (There was a small smirk when she said that, for what that's worth.)

Enjoy the video. (Start at the 39:30 mark.)

-- Phillip Tutor