Golden Springs voters

Voters head into Anniston's Golden Springs Community Center to cast their ballots in the special U.S. Senate election Tuesday. (Kirsten Fiscus/The Anniston Star)

Five takeaways from the Calhoun County results from Tuesday's U.S. Senate election:

• 1. Republican Roy Moore won Calhoun County with 54.6 percent, which shouldn't be a surprise. He's from just up the road in Etowah County; Calhoun County is staunchly Republican; and Calhoun County went hard for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

That said, all 67 Alabama counties moved left to some degree in Tuesday's vote when compared to the Trump election, according to The Washington Post. Twelve counties that went to Trump in November flipped to Democratic victor Doug Jones Tuesday. Calhoun County, however, was not one of them.

2. By and large, Calhoun County's results followed the Alabama statewide trend. Majority white cities and communities went mostly for Moore; majority black cities and communities were overwhelmingly in the Jones tally. Jones dominated nearly all of Anniston's downtown polling places. Moore, on the other hand, had an easy time in areas such as White Plains, Piedmont, Bynum, Alexandria and most of Oxford.

3. Broken down further, Jones' domination of Calhoun County's majority black polling places was stronger than Moore's domination of the county's majority white polling places. Example: 1,239 votes were cast at the Alexandria Civitan Club, which Moore won with 69.7 percent. It wasn't close. And that margin was typical at most of the polling places Moore won.

However, in the majority black polling places, Jones was more dominant. At the Anniston City Meeting Center, 1,292 votes were cast and Jones received 89.6 percent of them. And that wasn't even Jones' most lopsided win in the county.

4. 220 people voted at Anniston Carver Center. Of those, 217 (99.09 percent) voted for Jones. One write-in ballot was cast. Who were the two people who voted for Moore? Just wondering.

5. A few of Calhoun County's polling places were competitive: Oxford Library, Saks High School, Eagle Point, Jacksonville 1st Baptist. But three Anniston places were noteworthy for their competitiveness -- Golden Springs, Donoho and First Presbyterian. At Donoho, Jones prevailed with 50.98 percent. At Golden Springs, Moore won with 50.46 percent.

If you like sifting through election results, click here for Calhoun County's numbers.

-- Phillip Tutor