President Obama

President Barack Obama delivers a speech in Washington.

Presidential perfection is impossible. Presidents are, and have always been, flawed, human, egotistical. And the legacy of Barack Obama, President Trump's predecessor, includes several significant missteps, including one detailed this month by Presidents who compile long lists of Washington and foreign-policy victories still have L's on their resumes.

"Obama’s retirement fail: The 44th president took one big shot at solving an American crisis. What went wrong?" is an examination of the Obama administration's myRa program, which was designed to help Americans adequately plan for retirement given that Social Security's long-term solvency isn't guaranteed.

The myRa plan wasn't a hit, and the Trump administration has ended it.

Politico's Danny Vinik writes, "The myRA wasn’t just another minor Democratic policy idea killed by Trump. It was Obama’s most substantive effort to address the coming retirement crisis, an idea with deep bipartisan roots announced in the White House’s most-watched speech of the year. Despite its surprise rollout, it was initially a high priority at Treasury. With Congress showing little interest in any significant reforms to Social Security or other retirement-savings ideas, myRA seemed like a rare chance for Washington to help save Americans, especially younger ones, from spending their senior years in poverty.

"The story of myRA’s demise is in part politics, of course, but it also speaks to the difficulties Washington faces in solving a vast public problem with the modest levers available to the government in pushing private-sector solutions."

There's more to this story that just that. It's a reminder of the impossibility that presidents, regardless of party, are destined to have policy failures. It comes with the job.

-- Phillip Tutor