Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter teaches during Sunday School class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga., on Dec. 13, 2015.

Branden Camp/AP Photo/RNS

Journalists have been attending Sunday school at President Jimmy Carter's Plains, Ga., church (Maranatha Baptist) and documenting the experience for what seems to be decades.

I've always wanted to go, and I may sometime this year. It must be quite an experience, whether you are a Baptist, a Christian of some other denomination or merely someone who wants to spend time with a former U.S. president.

Here is one such story from last week's New York Times, by Southern-based writer Margaret Renkl.

I'll offer my favorite part:

"President Carter is a realist, and he’s concerned about the current state of the world, but he was also careful to say he doesn’t believe the worst will happen — 'I’m a Christian, and I believe God’s will and God’s love will prevail, but I worry about it.' And he returned again to his call to 'take care of each other, even the people that we don’t like, even our enemies.' At the Maranatha Baptist Church, a Sunday school lesson is a master class in responsibility and goodness and, above all, love."

Yeah, I just may have to drive down to Plains this spring.

-- Philllip Tutor