Boys are having a rough go of it, or so it seems.

"Men without college degrees are struggling in the modern job market, which rewards brains more than brawn. And teenage boys and men are almost entirely the bad actors in certain crises the nation is facing, like mass shootings and sexual harassment. The diminishing preference for sons could indicate, among some parents, a growing bias against boys."

Like I said, a rough go.

Researchers and medical officials have released a new study, covered here by The New York Times, that shows an increasing percentage of U.S. parents would prefer to have girls instead of boys. Why? It's complicated, as you'd expect. But based on the above paragraph, it has as much to do with the economics of being male in America in 2018 as anything else.

"For parents, raising a girl can seem as if it’s about showing them all the things they can do, while raising a boy is telling them what not to do, researchers say.

"'There’s been a much more complete gender revolution for women than for men,' said Dan Clawson, a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 'If I’m raising a daughter, I’m raising someone who can challenge conventions, and that’s an attraction. On the other hand, if I’m raising a boy, am I raising someone who’s going to get in trouble, who won’t do well in school and so on?'"

-- Phillip Tutor