LouAnn Alexander

Via Facebook

1. LouAnn Alexander is a longtime flight attendant who is battling cancer. That's where he brother steps in:

Rex Ridenoure hated the fact that pancreatic cancer forced his sister to abruptly retire from her career as a flight attendant, a job she enjoyed for more than 30 years.

As he waited to board a Southwest flight to see her, partially fearing he wouldn't make it in time to say goodbye, Ridenoure decided he would somehow turn his cross-country journey into the proper farewell celebration she deserved.

He was allowed to tell his fellow passengers about his sister, her illness and her career as a flight attendant. The result was an outpouring of kind words and gestures for LouAnn.

2. It's nearly impossible to top that, so we won't even try. However, this is a nifty app for anyone who has ever looked out the window of a plane in mid-flight and wondered precisely what and where they were flying over at the moment. 

Smithsonian.com has the details:

Flyover Country uses maps and data from various geological and paleontological databases to identify and give information on the landscape passing beneath a plane. The user will see features tagged on a map corresponding to the ground below. To explain the features in depth, the app relies on cached Wikipedia articles. Since it works solely with a phone’s GPS, there’s no need for a user to purchase in-flight wifi. Sitting in your window seat, you can peer down on natural features like glaciers and man-made features, such as mines, and read Wikipedia articles about them at the same time. If you're flying over an area where dinosaur bones have been discovered, you can read about that too. Curious about why the river below you bends the way it does? The app will tell you that as well.