Target in Oxford

Target at the Oxford Exchange.   

Oxford may be getting some company with its strong bathroom ordinance.

A recent proposal by Mayor Jay Pruitt of Rockwall, Texas, would fine transgender people up to $500 for using public restrooms and other facilities according to their gender identity. Also, a city councilman in Lufkin, Texas, Mark Hicks, wrote in a letter to the editor of The Lufkin News  that he will "work with city officials to draft a proposed ordinance to make this [Target's] policy null and void within the city of Lufkin."

Meanwhile, USA Today's editorial board has taken a stance against these so-called "bathroom bills" -- it doesn't like them. (It also mentions Oxford in its editorial.)

"Let's take a deep breath here. Yes, the transgender-rights movement does raise some complex issues. And, yes, some of the conservative bills came after liberal city councils, such as the one in Charlotte, began writing unnecessary bathroom non-discrimination codes. But this whole debate is a solution in search of a problem," the newspaper wrote.

-- Phillip Tutor