On the assumption that it’s not too late to adopt a New Year’s resolution, we offer an awesome one: Wear your seat belts. Every time you get in your car or truck. No exception.

It’s simple, quick and hardly a new concept — they’ve been standard on cars for decades. And they save lives, which is the point.

Last year, 406 people in Alabama died in wrecks and were not wearing seat belts even though they were available. That comes from a study released this week by the University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Public Safety. Overall, Alabama drivers overwhelmingly use seat belts — more than 90 percent, research associate David Brown told The Star — but 45 percent of those who died in crashes last year weren’t wearing them.

“That shows you the value of wearing seat belts and you wonder why people wouldn’t wear the restraints,” Brown said. “You’re subject to danger when you go out, and you need to protect yourself in any way you can.”

Want another reason to click it? It reinforces a life-saving habit to children, who we hope learn early on that seat belts may look optional, but they really aren’t.