Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to claim the upcoming election is “rigged” against him.

Let us make this clear: Trump is dead wrong. The U.S. election system is not rigged.

There, that wasn’t so hard was it, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill?

Speaking to an Anniston Star reporter Tuesday, Merrill, who is a Trump supporter, refused to flatly refute Trump’s claim of a rigged U.S. election. He could only vouch for Alabama, Merrill said.

The U.S. election system is really made up of 50 state election systems, many of which are overseen by Republicans. The process isn’t perfect, but to claim it could be rigged against one candidate is utter nonsense.

Many of Merrill’s fellow Republican election overseers were not as timid about the validity of our elections. Jon Husted, Ohio’s secretary of state, said Trump’s rigged election talk is “irresponsible.”

“This kind of conversation moves America backward, and it should be dismissed,” Husted told CNN.

Paul Pate, the Republican secretary of state in Iowa, said, “I’m a little frustrated when candidates try to distract the public’s attention by blaming the technical side of the elections process rather than focus on the meat and potatoes of what Americans really want to hear about. My colleagues in other states, I believe, are of the same opinion.”

We’re sure most are in agreement with Pate. Alabama’s secretary of state apparently isn’t, however.