Gov. Brewer's legacy in Alabama

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Albert Brewer

During a visit to Anniston in July 1976 to address the Kiwanis Club, former Gov. Albert Brewer made some time for a Star interview and a photo by Louis Sohn.

For nearly 200 years, Alabama has too often embraced the toxic mixture of resistance to change and an acceptance of mediocrity. Despite its beauty and its people’s doggedness, Alabama’s worst struggles have a lineage tracing back to bad decisions and tepid, if not demagogic, leadership.

Somewhere in that lineage rests the legacy of former Gov. Albert Brewer, who died Monday. He was 88. Brewer was one of Alabama’s outliers, a progressive leader who put people over career, improvement over re-election. His time in office was brief, born out of the death of Gov. Lurleen Wallace, yet altogether noteworthy.