Vero social-media app

Just what we need. Another social-media app. Don’t we have enough? Seriously. How many do we really need?

Twitter is ubiquitous and addictive and causes insomnia, or so it seems.

Kids may think Facebook is for old folks, but how else would we see Cousin Vinny’s vacation pictures or read our fake news?

Instagram is Twitter for the under-30 set: you can’t put it down.

And without Snapchat, 15-year-olds would never, ever talk to their friends, since the last thing a 15-year-old wants to do is pick up the phone and actually make a call.

Now there’s Vero, which resembles Instagram but requires a subscription fee and promises to be the next big thing and, well, no thanks. The pattern seems set. There will always be something new and shiny for our dwindling attention spans.