On a map, Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District hugs the Georgia state line and stretches from the outskirts of Fort Payne to well below Phenix City. It sneaks into the suburbs of Birmingham and Montgomery. It also includes one of the state’s largest universities, the state’s highest point an…

Thirty-two percent of Annistonians live in poverty. Ponder that for a bit. Nearly 7,000 Annistonians in a city with a population barely over 21,000 reside below the federal poverty threshold.

If a majority of Alabamians support a statewide education lottery, and if the legislative tide is shifting in that direction, and if the governor is comfortable with voters finally having their say on the matter, we ask: why is this so problematic?

Hurricane Florence, President Trump says, is “tremendously big and tremendously wet.” Though our president is quite the wordsmith, we’re going to offer him a family friendly list of other tremendously big and tremendously wet things he hasn’t mentioned but should if the occasion arises:

Any notion that the Republican Party is a legitimate home for an expanding bloc of black voters is detonated by the party’s actions and the image it sees in the mirror each morning. In either Washington or Montgomery, the story is the same.

Year by year, the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States move closer to becoming historical events whose stories have been completely told. The Twin Towers fell. A U.S. Navy SEAL ended Osama bin Laden’s life. Documentaries about 9/11 flood our television sets every fall.

Editor’s note: Thousands of Alabamians will be affected by President Trump’s cancellation of raises for federal civilian workers. This is The Star editorial board’s suggested letter from those workers to U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers.

In this era of automatic outrage about everything — Thanks a lot, Twitter — it’s no surprise that an outdated list of physical-education guidelines released from the Alabama State Department of Education has caused widespread angst. Our advice: Calm down. The world isn’t ending.

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