With a wink to the present and a nod to the past, let’s invoke a bit of presidential comparison to understand the depths of the Trump administration’s ignorance toward America’s poor. It’s an ignorance that foolishly claims America’s War on Poverty is over.

Fueled by partisan politics and Fox News’ unbridled distaste for facts, the Washington gamesmanship surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court is in full roar. Alabamians’ role in his probable confirmation sprinkles it with a taste of our state’s politics.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers has sat in Congress 15 years, won eight congressional elections and rarely faced legitimate Democratic opposition. His district, Alabama’s 3rd, which includes Calhoun County, is overwhelmingly Republican. His likelihood of winning re-election this fall is strong.

American patriotism can be confusing — not its value, or its emotion, but its definition. What is patriotism in America? Love of country? Support of the military? Adherence to the U.S. Constitution? Belief in the rights of all Americans, regardless of race or creed? Dedication to the nation’…

Some of you won’t get the reference in the headline, but in the early ‘80s, a TV series called “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” featured a U.S. Air Force pilot who found himself in the future and taking on the job of protecting earth from attacks from space.

In reality, the only job most Alabamians truly worry about is their own or their spouse’s. Is it stable? And what does it pay? Are they getting raises, or are pay cuts eating away at their family’s bottom line? Fretting over the latest labor statistics is best left for the wonkish economists.

Since our nation’s birth, the United States has blossomed as a well-intentioned yet imperfect example of democratic government. We’ve usually believed our morals were sound and that we valued the basics of humane treatment, even to those with whom we vehemently disagree.

In addition to selecting candidates to fill political positions this November, Cleburne County residents will also vote in the general election on whether to give their County Commission additional power to pass certain local ordinances.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey pilots a state that’s ranked in the bottom 10 in poverty and has nearly a million residents on Medicaid’s rolls. Many of those recipients are children in low-income families, the embodiment of innocence. What’s more, Alabama’s Medicaid eligibility requirements are alrea…

Jeff Sessions’ world view is a stark canvas of evil vs. good that allows no wiggle room, no gray area, nothing but grimness. He sees people not as people, not as humans worth protecting and families worth keeping intact, but as data points and potential criminals. He is the U.S. attorney gen…

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