Down in Alpine, Debbie Wade read the news, and it was ruthlessly bleak. The darkness was unabated: the spread of the novel coronavirus, the sickness, the deaths, the fear, the unknown. But there was one thing she could do. So she started sewing. 

Silly me. I thought that with the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, we had settled the question of whether girls deserve a chance to compete and win as high school and college athletes. Feminists fought like warriors to pass the act against gender discrimination, wh…

For a while, the tall man in a U.S. Army jacket stood in the back of the room, listening to Annistonians debate the merits and fears of opening a homeless shelter on Leighton Avenue. Then it was the tall man’s turn. He paused, gave his name and said “My address is homeless.”

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