President Obama has failed America, and it has everything to do with his warped ideology on what America should be. Our allies have lost respect for America and are not sure they can count on us anymore. Even worse is that our enemies see his dismantling of our military and country as weakness, not a gesture of America being friendly, but of being fools. They see it as an opportunity to fill the power void left by America, to militarily exert their will on whomever they will, whenever and wherever without being held accountable by anyone for their actions.

The latest two incidents on his long list of inactions are the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine and his abandonment of our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. He should have been supplying the fledgling democracy in the Ukraine with arms months ago.

However, he is good at fundraising, playing golf and photo ops. When America is confronted with real-world problems like our southern border being overrun by illegal immigrants, we can always count on him to talk, talk, talk and then talk some more. The trouble is, talk is just that, talk, and it’s cheap. So far, all his talk has not solved one problem facing America. Talk without action has only made those problems worse.

No one was or is listening to Obama’s idle talk, especially our enemies. America needs a real leader and not one who thinks he can move mountains by simply using his voice.

Billy E. Price