The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp isn't a place normally associated with the fun part of social media. A young Alabama woman is learning that the hard way.

If you haven't followed this odd story, here are the basics: an Alabama woman, Brianna (The Post didn't publish her name) who just graduated high school, visited the camp during a European trip. She posted a picture of herself -- a "selfie" -- taken at the camp. Since then, Twitter has exploded with criticisms of what's perceived to be this young woman's insensitivity.

Turns out, according to this column in the Washington Post, there's another side to the story -- one that involves her deceased father and their shared interest in history. The picture was taken on the anniversary of his death.

The Post's columnist, Caitlin Dewey, wrote, "In truth, it’s hard to think of anything less sensitive, less appropriate or less self-aware than a 'selfie in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp' — smiley — as if the suffering of millions of people was somehow subsumed by Breanna’s own personal narrative. She was there, sure, but so were tens of thousands of others, and her willful minimization of that fact is, frankly, pretty gross."


-- Phillip Tutor